Arrange Windows

In Panorama 6 there was a Wizard to “Arrange Windows” Is there an equivalent in Panorama X? Have 9 database files that I like to have open at the same time . . . I like to have tiled on the screen . . .

Panorama X does not have an Arrange Windows wizard. However, once you set up the window positions and save them, they will always come back in the same place.

The upcoming Panorama X 10.2 version has a new feature that will allow you to tell Panorama that the 9 files are related so that when you open one file, the rest open automatically. The new version will be available this summer.

Will those window positions rescale if you change your screen resolution? I found the arrange wizards feature to be a great help in the past when windows open “off screen” due to different size/resolution monitors.

In Pan X, if you rearrange the windows and save, it sounds like it will save the new location/sizes. That might be puzzling if multiple people like their windows to have dilfferent sizes and positions. As cwfrymire mentioned, people could have different monitor real estate or resolution.

Looking forward to 10.2! Will it address the crashing and left-right arrow issues? Or is it possible that there will be a patch before then? I don’t ask out of idle curiosity. Pending a fix for those two problems, I will likely need to revert back to my former setup/computer/older Mac OS, because I’m entering a few months where I can’t afford to work with/around the Big Sur bugs. Thanks in advance for any hopeful news…

There will not be any further releases of 10.1. In fact, we don’t have ready access to the source code for 10.1, so a “patch” release is not possible. In any case we do not yet have a fix for the left-right arrow problem in any version of Panorama, including 10.2. If Apple doesn’t fix this bug in an upcoming macOS 11.x version then we do of course hope to find a way to work around their bug before Panorama X 10.2 is released.

In regards to crashing, there have been scattered anecdotal reports of more frequent crashes of Panorama X on Big Sur. But these reports are not born out by any data. Panorama X reports all crashes back to ProVUE’s server along with diagnostic information, and the rate of reported crashes has not significantly changed since Big Sur was released. Perhaps some specific users have more crashes, but if so this must be due to issues specific to their particular computer and/or system installation. There is no data to indicate that there is a generic crashing problem with Panorama X and Big Sur, and at this point the data we do have indicates that a majority of Panorama X users are running on Big Sur with success.

In your case, @santafestan, it sounds like my recommendation would be to revert back to your former setup if you feel like that gave you better results. That’s definitely going to be the quickest fix if the left-right arrow issue is a blockbuster for you.

That’s interesting about the crashes. I get them repeatedly when closing windows of open DBs. If you have my reports there, would they show anything useful? It does not seem to matter which DB I’m using, of the 10+ I probably use in a normal day. Is there something in the crash report that would enlighten a knowledgeable person?

As for my setup, I just migrated my stuff from computer running Mojave 10.14.6 to new one running 11.2.3. So it is difficult to pinpoint what “particular computer and/or system installation” issues might have coalesced.

One thing is puzzling. I have not had any noticeable crashing with any other program I was using under Mojave, nor has there been any issue of left/right arrow operation in things like Excel or GnuCash or QuickBooks. One tends to just have faith that left/right arrows “just work”. Maybe that’s my problem – I lost some crucial faith element and am suffering the consequences. (I think Heinlein wrote a novella about that, maybe Magic Incorporated?)

You are conflating two issues. There is definitely a display problem with the left-right arrows in Big Sur. These correctly move to the next cell, but the display doesn’t change. Panorama is asking macOS to update the row display the same way it has for 7 years, but Big Sur isn’t honoring that request any more. There is nothing flaky about it, it happens every time. If Apple doesn’t fix this soon, we may need to re-write this section of code to bypass Apple’s code. But this problem is 100% repeatable so we definitely will be able to fix it one way or the other – I just can’t promise exactly when.

Is there something in the crash report that would enlighten a knowledgeable person?

They are intended to be useful to programmers, but unfortunately they rarely are. If the wing falls off an airplane, knowing the oil pressure of the #2 engine isn’t really helpful (usually). Panorama is a 200,000 line program, each crash report gives just a few lines of information. We built a complex system to collect and organize incoming crash reports so that we could study them for clues, but sadly the yeild of useful information has been low (though not zero).

For now I’ve kludged a solution – named two macros after you, Jim! – using QuickKeys to move left/right and then up and then down with an Option-ARROW trigger. I still can’t figure out why up/down work and left/right don’t, but maybe rows and columns, records and fields are entirely different animals.

They definitely are entirely different animals.