Applying formula to existing field

I can’t seem to get a formula to apply to an existing field. When I enter a new record it calculates, but not on the existing data in the field. Pan 6 has a “ Recalculate all records when closing dialog” that works. Also, can a formula be applied to a selected group without it affecting the Unselected when you select all? Guess I could save the group as a different database and import it back in to the original. Thanks

If you ask about calculating a single field (= column) in your database, use the menu command Field > Morph with formula … . If I read the documentation correctly, the morphing commands affect visible (= selected) records only.
If your question is about calculations that are triggered when you enter a value in a field to produce results in other fields, there was a thread about this some days ago.
If you want to recalculate all automatic calculations from one field, but not only for one record, but for all selected records, you can use the menu command Field > Morph > Recalculate Field.
Using the Morph menu command is equivalent to the procedure statement formulafill.

Thanks much. That works