Applescript Printer help needed

Hi all,

I just updated my system to High Sierra from Mountain Lion and trying to make Panorama databases work like they used to. Over the years I have found different ways to choose the printer and tray from within Pan, but my procedure is not working anymore:

ExecuteAppleScript {Tell application “Printer Setup Utility” set current printer to printer “Front Printer Tray 2” End Tell

The application Printer Setup Utility is now gone and I can’t figure out how to tell the system to change to the right printer and tray for a particular form, which has been done by script for over a decade. Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated.



I think I have figured this out via Pan’s easy-to-use Default Printer Wizard! Never saw it before… Still, if anyone knows something about why applescript would be better, please let me know.

Thanks for the incredible feature set, Jim!