Apple's Technology Transitions

A question that has come up frequently on this forum is “why was the Panorama 6 to Panorama X transition necessary?” along with the related question “why is Apple dropping 32 bit apps?” Today I saw an excellent blog post about this that explains this topic really well. It gets a bit technical towards the end, but it’s definitely written for general audiences, not programmers. So if you’ve ever wondered about this, you may find this really interesting.

Apple’s Technology Transitions

A lot of the controversy comes down to people not understanding the how or the why of these transitions, and why Apple ultimately drops the old technology. So I thought it would be useful to explore Apple’s history of transitions and try to explain some of the reasons for this latest one in a way everyone can understand.

This article sure highlights all the hoops you must have gone through over the years to try and keep Classic Panorama functional and relatively current. The major transition into the new 64 bit only world certainly justifies the complete overhaul of Panorama and why you standardized it to Apple’s protocols. This should ease keeping Panorama X current with future system updates as well as offering a path to the iOS version. As this article shows, there are many trade-offs with every major transition and Panorama X is no different.

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