Any issues doing a fresh Pan 6 install on High Sierra?

I’ve seen the discussions about whether Pan 6 will run on High Sierra (yes) but it’s unclear whether there are issues doing a fresh install of Pan 6 on it. We are going to get some new Macs (which will have H.S. by default) and we are not ready for Pan X, so they would need to be able to install and run Pan 6 for the mid-future. Have the gotchas been ironed out?

Installing Panorama 6 on High Sierra is exactly the same as installing on Sierra. There are no new issues that I know of.

There is another thread about how to work around error 7 warnings. I had a similar problem like Tom Cooper, and the newer Tech Note did not work. I had to follow the older Tech Note and to enable the root account. Then the registration of Pan 6 worked.