"Another user is editing this record"

We end up with this error pretty regularly with some of our databases that live on the server and are accessed by multiple people. Once the error has occurred, no one is able to edit that record until the server is restarted, which is obviously disruptive. Are there any other ways of resolving that error, besides a server restart?

To be clear, once the error has occurred, the record remains uneditable even when I am 100% sure that no other users are editing the record. I’ve even had it happen where I’m working late at night (and am the only user accessing the database, running a formulafill when Panorama crashes, and when I restart it (locally, not the server), I can’t resume my work because Panorama thinks that “another user” (me) is editing the record.

I’m not a classic Enterprise user but I did notice the forceunlockrecord statement and was wondering if that would do the trick. There is also the more aggressive forceunlockallrecords as well.

Oh, maybe that will work! I used forcelockrecord to test this, and was able to unlock the record.