Another printing anomaly

I am generating thank you letters from a file where I mostly work in the Data Sheet. When I am not printing from a procedure, I open the window with the letter form in front of the Data Sheet, and select Print (One Record), and the Print dialog opens as a sheet in the Data Sheet, not in the letter form. So I print, and the topmost window is the Data Sheet, not the letter form. This is annoying, because when I print from a procedure, it closes the letter form (and does some other stuff). So when I close the file after printing manually, the letter form is hiding behind where the Data Sheet was.

It is not fatal, but it adds to the problems of using Panorama X, especially if you are trying to make something useable for someone who is just an end user.

This problem is already fixed, you’ll get the fix very soon when Panorama 10.1 is released.

Am I correct in assuming that printing with multiple data tiles will work in this version too?