Another Minor item: orphan progress window

When using the importdatabase statement with a shared database, PanX opens a Progress window to show the progress of the import. However, it never closes it and there is no obvious to do that manually. So you will be left with one or more Progress windows open doing nothing after using the importdatabase statement.

I assume you have the tool bar turned off?

Yes. The toolbar is Not shown.

Far from a permanent solution, but for now I think you can close any open progress windows by running this code.

let openProgressWindowNumbers = 
looparray openProgressWindowNumbers,cr(),opwn
    window val(opwn)

I didn’t actually test this code so typos are possible.

Question – does the progress window show the progress as the data uploads?

They have all been very small imports, but I don’t see any progress showing. Here is what they look like.

Your procedure worked. Thanks.

I probably would have seen that the moment I tried it, but thanks, that shows that the problem must really be in setting up the window, so that no further commands to it work (including changing the progress and closing the window). Hopefully something simple.

You may have noticed that this code was almost exactly one of the examples from the last session (clone windows). Didn’t expect it to be posting about it on the forum again in only a couple of days! :smiley: