Another interesting effect…

In Sierra, holding down the option key while opening a procedure will open it in a tab in the current window. Tabbed windows is a Sierra feature. It sure helps keep window proliferation under control…

Wait – are you saying that works in Panorama X? Using the View menu? When I tried it on a Sierra beta it didn’t work. They must have made a change that enabled it in a later version. I thought I was going to have to add code to Panorama X to enable that. Does it seem to work correctly with the View and Window menus?

It seems to work fine in Sierra 10.12.1… use the View menu with option to open a form as a tab in a form window or procedure as a new tab in a procedure window. They don’t mix. The Windows menu allows you to select the correct window tab just like it was a regular window.

Of course, it is ME you’re talking to. That could change at any time.

Yes, I can confirm what Mike posted. It works with procedure windows as well as with form windows.

I am getting that result. Additional procedures will open as procedures in one window, but not in form windows. Additional forms will open as tabs in form windows. Additional data sheets will open as tabs in datasheet windows. However, it seems they open as tabs in the corresponding windows of different database files, which is not necessarily a good idea.