An old problem crops up in Pan X

I have run into this in Pan 6, and it persists in Pan X. Copying a number formatted with commas and pasting into Panorama truncates after the comma. That is, 123,456.78, when pasted, becomes 123. In Pan 6, I have a custom function valcomma( which removes the comma, but I do not know how to do that in Pan X, but really, Panorama should recognize a common numeric format. Ideally, it should be able to tell what format the computer is using and adjust automatically, so that using a European format, 123.456,78 would be recognized on computers that use that. Not urgent, just annoying.

And 123.456,78 (European format), when pasted into a number (float) field, becomes 123.456000 .

This issue affects manual input of numbers as well as pasting numbers via clipboard.
It is the comma that breaks the input. You have to enter decimal numbers without thousands separators.
(As a European user, I keep looking forward for the day when Panorama will just use and apply the system’s number format.)

That day is very soon.