Alternating colors in data sheet

The alternating color “bands” in the data sheet display disappeared. I suspect it may be something I was compelled to do to override a terrible decision Mozilla made in v.91 of Firefox, but I don’t remember what all I did to negate FF’s tinkering. I think it had to do with increasing contrast or something else in OS system “Accessibility” settings. I also upgraded to OS 11.5.2 yesterday, so maybe that’s it.

Put another way, what control does a user have on PanX row alternating colors? I thought it just was that way in X, and a great improvement from 6, too. But now it is gone. Just white.

Reset the Contrast in MacOS Preferences > Accessibility to normal.

That didn’t change anything, unless something like restarting the computer is required. Restarting Panorama didn’t do anything. BTW, the Increase Contrast box I believe had been checked for a long time because I like visible lines, not one click more than white that Apple prefers.

AHA, specifically it is the slider for Display Contrast needs to be set to Normal, which actually turns Increase Contrast off, according to the popup note – but in fact, there is a checkbox for Increase contrast that is checked, so it isn’t “off” – two committees of Apple nerds with separate notions of what off and on mean, apparently. Without that box checked, there is much unreadable gray and vast seas of borderless wastland; with it checked, there are lines that make the computer usable (to me). So I’ve got the banded data sheet back, and thanks for the clue.