AI and Provue Code

Just wondering if the Provue AI chatbot is ready to write my code for me?

43891 Ø9817 8162Ø 39Ø29 61639 62329 14431 641Ø2 91394 32923 18131
79Ø63 15491 9812Ø Ø9169 19Ø16 42395 23919 61391 39613 21523 6

The above is a “Tridigital” cipher. It contains the word “gilgamesh”. The steps to solve are

  1. identify the one number that represents a space between the words
  2. identify the candidate placement for gilgamesh
  3. place the now known letters under their coded number
  4. understanding that each number can represent up to three different letters, solve the cipher.

A human can do this, from scratch, in about 45 minutes (with good guessing). A 3 Ghz, 16GB RAM, PC can run for a day and still not solve it.

True, the solving quality/speed of the PC depends on the algorithm. But the point is, a human’s unique pattern recognition and imagination/intuition it still at the top of the food chain.

Even as I write this, I’m thinking of a better/faster method (than the 3rd party PC program) of using a computer as a solving aid for this type of cipher. That’s what we do; can can see a situation and come up with ideas.

I’ve spend a bit of time with ChatGPT-3. It’s great of answering questions - information lookup. But many programming sites - Xojo, SimplyFortran, etc. have posts about erroneous code, if any, presented by the AI bots. Clearly the bots don’t test the code before they offer it as a solution.

I wouldn’t toss your Panorama X reference PDF file away just yet.