Aggregate function: another database problem

I want to use the aggregate function to get a sum of values in a second database. But the query function needs to refer to a fileglobal variable value in the first database. I tried using this syntax:

 aggregate({Payment},"+",{Field = val(constantvalue(fgVariable[2,-2])},"OtherDB")

fgVariable is a variable in the first database, and I get an error message that says datatype( function error: no field or variable named “fgVariable”. The field FieldName is a numeric field, which is why I used the val( function.

I have a found a workaround. I used an arraybuild( function with an arraynumerictotal( function. The arraybuild( function handles the reference to fileglobal variables in the first database.


Is there a way to get the aggregate function to use a fileglobal variable in the Query formula when doing the aggregate in another database?

Try using the fileglobalvalue( function.

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That worked! Thanks. I looked but didn’t find it.