Address label problems

I have an address label form that was created in Pan 6 that uses up to eight conditionals on the label. The number of lines of the label would move with the conditions. In Panorama X, if a conditon is not met, a blank line is left instead of the lines below adjusting. For example, Company, Contact, Address, City, State Zip. If a condition is set so that if there is a company name display the company name, if not don’t display anything.

In Panorama 6, if there was a company name, it was displayed on the first line of the label. If not, The contact would be the first line of the label. In Panorama X, The label begins with a blank line when there is no company name. It also creates blank lines in the middle of the label based on conditionals. Needless to say, this makes swiss cheese of the labels.

Is Panorama X not capable of adjusting the spacing of lines on labels based on conditionals?

Enclose your formula with the linestrip( function.

Is the Collapse Blank Lines option checked?

Thanks Jim. I didn’t even see that.

Thanks Gary.

the box is checked but blank lines in label still not collapsing

They are for me. Maybe the line isn’t really blank, but contains an invisible character, such as a space.

The db is imported from Pan6, so that may be related to my problem. The cell definitely is nil, but won’t collapse in the print form.

I wonder if we are talking about the same thing. You say the cell is nil, but the previous posts in this topic were about blank lines in a text display object, not about data cells.

Thanks for replying. I am still very unsure of how PanX works as compared to Pan6. The text display object uses the data from the cell, which has no data. Therefore, the display object should not print a blank line. Maybe the problem is me ignorance of the workings of PanX.

Is it set for formula, or for literal text, and could you post the formula/text?

This is the construction of the print form:

«City», «State» «ZipCode»

The data is in either «1stAddrLine» or «2ndAddrLine». The empty cell should not display.

Does that make sense?

My best guess is that there is a space in that formula, rather than in the data, and that is what prevents the line from being blank.

I created a new record and only added data to one addr cell, the other one therefore should have been empty. The empty line still displayed, as if there was a blank there.

Dave is not talking about the data cell but the literal text used for the Text Display Object.


Thank you. That solved the problem.