Adding A Record and Starting out in a desired field

I have a procedure that adds a record, fills in the current date and time, and then highlights a specific record and awaits me to key in a number.

No matter what I do it seems that even though the specific field (Number Integer) I want to start in is highlighted (when Pop Up Editing is checked), when I use the keyboard to enter the number it jumps to a different field. The field that it was active before I added a new record.


Field Date
Time=timepattern(now(),“hh:mm am/pm”)
;—I want to start at the field below and key in a number with the keyboard.
Field Systolic

I’ve played around with display options for the field, Focus, Pop Up Editing, etc. I continue to have problems with the multitude of options on that subject. But that’s for another Post. Panorama 6 was great and not problematic in that regards. This part of the transition to Pan X still haunts me.

Thanks. It seems so trivial what I am trying to do.

The code you have supplied will work if you are using the data sheet. (By the way, the first line of your code, Field Date, is not actually necessary, it’s really not doing anything for you.)

You don’t specify, but I think you are using a form, not the data sheet. In that case, you want to change the last line of your procedure to:

editfield "Systolic"

This will work no matter what options you have set for the Text Editor object. It will also work in the data sheet, actually.

Actually, your code wouldn’t have worked in Panorama 6 unless you were using the pop-up editing option. And Panorama 6 did not have the editfield statement, so the solution was way more complicated.

Thanks Jim. Works as advertised.

Yes, I was in a form.

And thanks for the additional tips and comments.

You’re the MAN!