Add Remote Server oddities

I had no problems setting up a Panorama X client. If on the same network I saw the server automatically show up. I was experimenting and added a remote server manually. I found that if I added http:// it would also be added by Panorama X so I left it out and that worked well.

I wasn’t able to later remove the remote server from Server Administration.

Things got odd when I tried having my home iMac connect to the server in my office. I was connected via VPN and I could not get the connection to work until I unchecked Include Bonjour Servers. Then it worked as smooth as butter.

On my primary computer with access to my Pan X server, the Remote Server URL: shows (subsitute real words for x & y)

On a new remote computer, if I put that in the remote server URL box, I get as an error:
“ERROR: Could not connect to server at http://http://”

If I remove the http:// and move the :8080 to just be 8080 in the Port box, I get as an error
“Unauthorized server access”

What is the magic to getting a remote server entered into this ‘Add Remote Server’ dialog?

(Obviously it worked for me once but I can not figure out the right set of entries.)

Bottom line: While it does work on my primary when away from the server, putting the exact same thing in a 2nd remote does not work. I believe that I entered it in some odd workaround and the result now displays in the primary computer.

That is a bug in the current version. At the moment, you cannot specify the http:// or https:// prefix, you must leave this off. This was reported recently and has been fixed.

It shouldn’t matter whether you include the port in the main URL or put it separately, it should work either way (but don’t include the port number in both places).

That means the connection worked! But you have set up your server to restrict access to only specified accounts, and apparently your client is using an account that is not on the authorized list.

For a moment, I was happy to hear that it worked. But I quickly realized that there is only 1 account set up and both computers were using that same account.

Then too, perhaps a friendlier message when there is a ‘success’? Something akin to…
“Almost there. Now adjust your logged in account to be an authorized log in account and you’ll be all in.”

Well, I would suggest temporarily removing the security restriction on the server and see if that works. There haven’t been any other reports of authorization problems, but you seem to somehow be a magnet for edge cases.

Logged out, then restarted and logged back in. All is good.

For future reference if someone else encounters this – logged out and back in to what? macOS? Panorama on the client? or the server? all of the above?

It appeared that Pano X had lost the recognition of the logged in user. We Quit Pano X and started it back up. There was no one currently logged in. We logged in with the same account as before and all was well.