Add Remote Server crashes

Server Administration/Available Servers ‘Add Remote Server…’

I enter my remote Remote Server URL: and enter my unique port for that device xxx and after a moment, Panorama unexpectedly crashes. Repeatedly.

The DNS is set for that IP address and it works when using RDP. The unique port number is entered in my router to forward to that server. I can connect locally.


I don’t know what RDP is.

Add Remote Server definitely works for a normal “port 80 on a static IP address” situation. Sounds like that’s not what you have – you may have to give me access to your connection info so that I can try it myself and debug what is happening.

RDP is Remote Desktop Protocol, ie. Microsoft Remote Desktop, Apple Remote Desktop, Back to My Mac, etc., all use RDP as their method.

I have 1 mini behind my dynamic IP address with port forwarding of port 80 to it and using standard port 5900 for RDP. Both of those port forwards work.
I have a 2nd mini now behind my IP address with port forwarding of 8080 to it and using port 5901 for RDP use. The RDP is working as desired so users can use Apple’s Connect to Server to manage the mini. I have confirmed with that port 8080 is being received from the outside to the 2nd mini that is seeking that traffic.

Particulars of the connection info is being sent via email.