Actually got something to work today

I’ll begin by saying I’m really bad at programing in general, but I finally got two of my databases to work correctly together today. I did use a lot of the information in your training videos, Jim. Thanks for getting that fixed. I still have some debugging to do. However, I did get the tab order to go correctly, and so far field calculations work properly.

Anyway, this may not be a big deal for most people here, but I’m thankful for some good news this week.


To be clear, Vimeo broke the videos, then they fixed them. I had nothing to do with either.

Thanks for your post, it’s always nice to hear from happy users!

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone in the US! :pie: :turkey: :fallen_leaf:

What I’ve been working on is a module for a personal medical database tracker. I wanted to add a simple carb counter to the glucose reading portion of my tracker. Your “Hobby Shop” invoice example was a good model for me to use, Jim. That was why the videos were so important to me. I still give you credit for taking the time to create them and taking the time to create them and taking the time to make them available for novices like me :grinning: