Activation problem

I have two serial numbers for Panorama 6. When I got a new computer recently, I used Time Machine to put my files from my laptop on the new computer, but I still use the laptop. I wanted to have most of the files to be the same. Time Machine transferred Panorama 6 to the new computer, including the serial number. I have been going through the registration menu to deactivate the serial number on the new computer, as well as the other serial number on my wife’s computer (which we were sharing, but now that is not necessary). Deactivation does not work on any of the computers. What can I do to get Panorama 6 deactivated on her computer, and the two serial numbers working on my two computers?

You have to adjust the permissions as described in this tech note:

If you are using 10.13 you will also probably have to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection).

Well, that did not work, but I think I know what the problem is. I will try to deal with it eventually.

Logging in as root did work. Afterwards I went back and disabled root.