Action (macro not working)

The macros in my database I have been using for years are not working. The macro is supposed to prompt for job name, and then prompt for start and end dates. It prompts for job name, I enter it, and it prompts for job name again and again. I will not accept the job name and then prompt for a date. The database is on our server, and works on other computers. I have reinstalled OS Monterey twice with no luck. What can be causing the program to fail? Thank you

If I had this experience, I would first try to write a new procedure to get the user input, and use a different statement to prompt the user. I have used GetTextDialog many times and not had any problems. If that did not work, I would discard this copy of the database and download a new copy from the server. Good luck!

When did they stop working? What changed?

What version of Panorama are you using?

How about sharing a bit of the procedure to show what part is doing this?

It may be on a server, but is it a shared database?