A vote of thanks

I’ve been putting in ten-hour days at Panorama X for the last few weeks and I’d like to register my sincere appreciation to Jim for an application that is truly a joy to use when you’re under pressure.

In particular, the ifselect and looparray statements have to be the best things since sliced bread.


As the end users, we tend to focus our communications on what’s wrong or difficult, especially on a forum for support. For the developer, Jim Rea, it could easily seem overwhelming at times with endless questions, complaints, wishlists and occasional hostility.

Panorama X is an amazing product that continues to get even more so. If anything, this community is spoiled by the ability to report or question things and frequently see them reported as fixed, changed or added within a day or two.

I too thank Jim for his efforts and the results.


I wholeheartedly agree with both statements above!

I couldn’t begin to quantify the increase in productivity I experience daily - using Panorama to manage data, images, forms, paperwork, etc.

I am also grateful for the best application support I have ever experienced - hands down!

Thank you Jim!

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I’m coming from a completely different level of experience. I’m not a programer, but back in the 90’s I wrote a set of programs, using Panorama, for the school I was at that let us track equipment and do billing for a state wide program that my department administered. It did the job & still does, beautifully!)

Time marched on and I now have about 1/2 of the programs updated to Pan X and still working on the other parts.

At 80 its a bit more difficult to wrap the brain around all the new (and some missing) features of Panorama X BUT as I do, I continue to be amazed at how powerful and robust Pan was and has become in it’s current version. [of course I still wish some of the ‘old’ functionality was present :o) ]

Thank you Jim for a really outstanding tool that continues to grow!!

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I too have been very active in Pan since the last release - 10.1 (2790), and I am also very appreciative of Jim and the members of this forum, sometimes my questions are pretty basic… but everyone is always responsive and very helpful. At the University Of Texas Medical Branch our slogan is: “Working Together to work wonders”, this group does the same.

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Panorama X usage in August is up 20% over July! Interestingly, it seems like usage actually started increasing a few days before Panorama X 10.1 came out. This usage increase wasn’t just a short peak when the update was released – it has stayed high all month so far.

It does seem a bit overwhelming sometimes. I always try to keep in mind that when people really don’t like something, they usually don’t even bother to criticize it. I also watch the increasing usage numbers and figure that means even if I’m doing a lot of things wrong, I’ve must be doing quite a bit right as well.

Thank you Michael for starting this thread, and for everyone that has and possibly will chime in. It is very much appreciated :grinning: :tada: :+1: :cup_with_straw: :rainbow: :flags: :boom: :purple_heart:

P.S. I’ve actually been working the last couple of days on a couple of projects directly related to posts on the forum. I’ll get back to that now!

I cannot say enough, which makes it hard to say anything!

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I just want to add to this thread to show my appreciation for the application. I downloaded the app and purchased some licensing a few months ago, but didn’t take the time to learn about it. Naturally, I didn’t get it. I didn’t touch it again until a few weeks ago. I can’t recall exactly why (I think it was an email about the analytics features), but I took a few hours to watch the videos and actually learn about the tool. Well, I love it. And it’s pretty easy to use, fast, and incredibly powerful. I have moved all of my DBs from FileMaker (and deleted the FM software). I have a few things to work out with forms and reports, but I’ll get there. I can’t recommend this strongly enough.

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