A Quotation Mark Hedged in by Two Quotation Marks

I would like one of my procedures to look for the phrase “2” pulleys". For example:

if «Field1» contains “2” pulleys"

However, this produces an error. Pan X, it seems, does not like the use of a single quotation mark within two quotation marks.

Is there a workaround? I know I could create a procedure to replace all instances of “2"” with “2-in”. However, this isn’t the only time I have run into this quirk, and I was hoping there was a way to use one quotation mark within quotation marks.

Thank you!

Change this to:

if «Field1» contains {2” pulleys}

Perfect! Thank you.

For a fuller reply, see the help page on Quotes:

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Although you already have the best answer, based on the posted text, the 2 is bracketed with smart quotes with a single straight quote at the end. So the trailing quote is actually the odd-man out.

That’s the way it is being rendered in the web page, but if you open his post for editing, you will see that he didn’t type it that way. All three quotes were typed as straight quotes.