A Panorama X crosstab emulator

In response to a number of enquiries about a Panorama X crosstab feature, I’ve written a basic emulator. This is part of the output (it’s bigger than the screen) from the 515-record checkbook sample:

Run time was 5 seconds for this sample. So far I’ve written only an expenditure by supplier by month format but it can be easily modified for other requirements.

Interested parties can download the checkbook database containing the emulator from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jr1uf7w2bc5llwh/AAD4YtS5brnozlIrGjzER0Vza?dl=0 but be aware that it’s a somewhat rough first attempt - there is much room for improvement.

I’m happy to write a new one to specifications if required.

You can contact me off-thread at audax@wideband.net.au.

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Whoops - I’ve just noticed that some of the cross-adds are in error so I’ve pulled the file from Dropbox temporarily. The offers still stand.

OK, here’s the revised output:

… and the new download address is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dy8b7kmodge49h5/AABx45No2k5BmT1RykweJ5O8a?dl=0

I won’t have time to look at that for a day or so, but wow, that looks amazing. (Don’t worry, that is not going to dissuade me from implementing crosstabs as a native feature.)

A point that I forgot to make clear earlier - unlike the Panorama 6 crosstab, this is the data sheet of a stand-alone database, not a form. And the total row at the bottom is not a summary record but a conventional one.

Hence, I suspect that the user has much more opportunity to manipulate the tabulated data than was possible in Panorama 6.

Some Dropbox-related oddity: The download of your file resulted in a .zip archive. Unpacked, it was a folder “Checkbook” containing some .archive files – as they were shown on the Dropbox page.

I had to rename that folder to “Checkbook.pandb” to finally get a working Panorama X file.

Maybe you better upload Panorama X databases as compressed .zip archives to Dropbox.

Of course I should - my ageing brain forgets every now and again.

I’ve made some minor modifications and posted the file as a zip at: