A Note of Thanks

Hello Pan X Forum Users!

Earlier this year, I took on the task of converting our company’s Pan 6 databases to Pan X, overhauling the existing procedures, and adding more procedures to increase our company’s productively.

This conversion process was greatly aided by the people on this forum, and in particular, the following people.

David Thompson
Paul “designer”
James Cook
Kurt Meyer
Robert Ameeti
Bruce De Benedictis
John Bovenmyer
chris watts
Allan Hull
Gary Yonaites
Jeff Kozuch
Michael Kellock
Last but not least: Jim Rea

Other than an isolated post or two, this is my first experience on a forum. The people here are helpful, patient, and kind. They are willing to spend their precious time to assist other people.

Your input and assistance has greatly assisted me, and our company. Thank you for your help! Thank you for taking the time!

See you in future posts,

Paul Overby


Thanks for the kind words. The people you mentioned in your post have been so helpful to me over the past few months too. Some days have been so frustrating for me, but there is nothing more fun than when I can extract a 3 page report from a 4000 record database in 2 minutes and the people around me are wondering how I’m going to finish the project in under one month.

Again thank you for your kind words.

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