A Formula for Exportcell(?

The exportcell( is necessary for presenting data in a View-as-List. However, I do need to do a selection of the data such that only those records whose DATE field is <= 365 days old. The Data Sheet has no problem with this because the data type for the date arithmetic is in place.

Exportcell('s UsePattern is mainly for formatting the resulting conversion to text; the same with exportdataarray( . What would cut to the chase is the VaL’s ability to accept the selection in place in the Data Sheet, instead of asking for that selection to be done in the VaL’s xportcell('s conversions.


If I haven’t misunderstood, you are simply selecting records in your database. The formula that is used to display the date is immaterial. Just use

select DATE >= today()-365

Thanks, Dave. Yes, that’s how the DataSheet is selected. However that VaL didn’t get the memo. It presents an unselected, all-records data set. That’s why I thought that the missing “agent” or code might need to be incorporated in VaL’s incoming formatting formula.

The data sheet, and view as list, are two different ways of displaying the records in your database, and neither of them have anything to do with your selection formula. Your selection formula refers to the values in those cells, not to the text on display.

If your formula isn’t selecting the appropriate records, there is an error in your formula. If we could see the formula, we might be able to find the error.

My selection formula is identical to yours. The other quirk is that the Val Selected/Total shows the same amount as the DataSheet, although the VaL has the latest and earliest records (and presumably everything else in between — I haven’t counted them).

I can duplicate that with a procedure that includes a noshow statement, but otherwise, it shows only the selected records. If I use noshow, a showpage at the end of the procedure also shows the selected records.

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What? This is not correct, I don’t know where you got this.

Please do not use the abbreviation VaL for View as List. It’s too confusing, since Panorama also has a val( function.

What? A View-as-List form always shows the exact same selection that the data sheet shows.

Again, this is just wrong. A View-as-List form always shows the same selection as the data sheet.

I’m starting to wonder if you are actually using a Text List object, which is something entirely different from a View-as-List form. In that case, then what you are looking for is the Query option.

FYI, View-as-List forms are described here.

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This is probably it. The form is a View-as-List, but I assumed that this would need a Text List object. Time for me to make my View-as-List with actual tiles.