A couple of my "Wish List" items for Forms

Form Title

I would like to have a “Title” option for the form the same as there is for fields. This would override the normal file name:form name title with only this custom title. It would retain the form’s custom title even when going to another form and back again. I know this can be forced using info("formevent")="FRONT" scheme in the Form Event Procedure for the form to reset the name each time but it would be much more straight forward to just be able to set the form’s title permanently.

NoIcon Option

Add a “NOICON” option to the options in the form blueprint. The openform allows for adding the option when opening the form but this does not work if the form is already open. Again it would be better to be able to have it set permanently for the form so that windows that open automatically when the file opens are already set the way you want.