2 questions about line items

1st ?: I have a TDO on a form, with the formula count(WorkshopΩ). It doesn’t update when I change records, though it does so when I put it in the formula workshop. It does change if I go into graphics mode and click on the object; but then if I go back to Data mode and change records it doesn’t change unless I go through the rigamarole again.

2nd ?: I have another TDO with the formula lineitemarray("Workshop",", "), which also doesn’t update when I change records. Once again it behaves correctly in the formula workshop. And again, if I go into graphics mode and click on the object in question, it does update.

So we seem to have a bug here. I think that perhaps I’ve seen this discussed somewhere else on the forum, but I can’t find it at the moment.

You can find one of the earlier discussions and a work around at Synchronizing a TextList

I think the problem is that you don’t actually have the name of any field in your formula. I’m assuming you have fields named Workshop1, Workshop2, etc. So you could use



ignore(lineitemarray("Workshop",", "), Workshop1)

Yes, that did it. It sure isn’t intuitive. You sure do have a complete grasp of these things. Thank you.