10.2.0 double vision i.e. two versions

I upgraded from 10.1 (didn’t write down the specifics) and had the Mac replace rather than add 10.2 and I’ve gotten the plist error. 10.1 is gone, however I (now) have two 10.2.0 apps - .b23 (3587) and .b26. I don’t know how this came about. How do I proceed? Which of these should I delete? Or, should I do something else?

I switched from a 2013 Macbook pro running 10.15 to a Mac mini (M1, 2020) running macOS 12.4.

The latest version is 10.2.0 b26 (4060). Keep that version and trash the other.

Thanks! I still have the plist problem though.

I think the “plist problem” is the one about corrupted data. The error message does contain the word plist. If not, it would be helpful to know the complete error message.

This post might help, and you can search for other posts containing “integrity check”.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 12.37.32 PM
This the error message I receive when trying to open this db. Thanks for your suggestions, I will do some more research and experimentation with the advanced preferences.

I followed the instructions to disable integrity check and was able to open the file, export into a new db, and then open that without problem. I’ve also been able to open the damaged file now, too, repeatedly. Thanks Dave for your help!

FYI, this step wasn’t necessary. All you had to do was save the file after you opened it.

You probably had opened the file in Panorama X 10.2, then opened and modified it in 10.1, then opened again in 10.2. That will cause an integrity error every time. Once you’ve installed 10.2, it’s best to completely remove all 10.1 versions from any computer you have.

Note that the file wasn’t actually damaged. However, the checksum that Panorama X 10.2 uses to verify that the file isn’t damaged isn’t updated when you modify the file in 10.1. So the data was modified but the checksum wasn’t, and 10.2 thinks that means the data is damaged. When a file has never been opened in 10.2 there is no checksum at all, so no check is done. That’s why you don’t get an error the first time you open a 10.1 saved file in 10.2. But if you go back and forth between versions, Panorama can’t handle that unless you disable integrity checks.