10.2.0.b27 Panorama Server Startup

I press the ‘Start Panorama X Server’ button, the server opens and displays as open in the dock, the icon spins in the Preferences dialog, then the icon stops spinning, the status changes to Panorama X Server is stopped and the button to start it is dimmed. The server is not available from the client but it does show as running in the Dock.

Bottom line… I can not sucessfully start the server.

The server startup code didn’t change between b26 and b27, so I’m a bit stumped. And so far, there have been no other reports of a problem with this.

I would start by closing and re-opening the Preferences window. Does that enable the Start button?

Yes it does enable the Start button. But the Server is already showing in the dock as being open. I do Force Quit the server in the dock. I restart the computer… No change. It worked before I installed b27, immediately after, it does not. I tried re-installing b26 but it too tells me that the server is stopped after about 10 seconds of spinning the icon. This is what I end up with…

Guessing here, but I think the next thing to try would be manually removing PanoramaXServer.app. Remember, it is located at:

~/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/

Then go try to launch the server again.

BINGO! Thanks.

Before B27, I had a file that had in its .Initialize procedure…

OpenWithTerminal “/Users/rameeti/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Server/PanoramaX Server.app”

I would then have it as a Startup Item in the User’s System Preferences. This did then open Panorama upon a restart and then initiated the opening of Panorama and the Server.
I don’t think this had anything to do with this problem but when b27 did not properly start up the server, I removed that line to no avail.

I now have that line back in and all is working. Is that method to ensure that the server start up an acceptable method upon a restart etc, that might happen through a power failure?

But then…

When I open a db that I had temporarily used with the server down, is locked (as it was a shared file with no server access.) I then use the Check Server Connection and get this…

Pressing Upload New Generation gives me that New Generation dialog. Pressing Upload Now gives me this…

I had to delete it from the server and then re-share.

I think starting with b27 a better method would be to simply turn on the Automatic Relaunch option, then make PanoramaX.app a startup item. Then PanoramaX will launch, notice that the server isn’t running, and launch it automatically.