0 Records, then Revert has no DBs with records

I was working with procedures that did Groups. I can not recall the steps that took me there but I ended up with 0 Visible/ 0 Total. I was impressed that I was able to do that. So I added a record. I now had 1 record. Unable to get back my ~450 record db, I chose Revert. Revert displayed every db that I had been working with today as having that same single record that my db presently had I could not find any previous db in the Revert choices that did not have my single empty record as a choice. I looked at every choice and nothing offered my original collection of records.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always had better luck using Time Machine than using Revert To. I don’t know if they use the exact same method and I’m just imagining or if they are different methods to get an older version of a file.

Yep. Time Machine was my savior. I did lose all of the morning’s work but I was able to recreate the work that I had done. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

That’s weird, because the UI is the same for both. But I have never had luck with Revert To. Others’ mileage seems to be different, such as Kurt.

It has been a while since I had a good experience with it. The last experiences (already in Mojave) were mixed: When I click the “previous” arrow in the Time Machine interface, it immediately seems to restore this version instead of giving me the chance to inspect this version or to choose a different version — as all other apps supporting versions in this kind of Time Machine interface are doing.

The Time Machine interface is 100% Apple code. Panorama makes one API call to start the process, then it’s all up to Apple from there on out.

However, I think it’s possible that Panorama might have problems with this not seen with other apps. Panorama is unusual in that it is common for a document (which in Panorama is called a database) can have multiple windows. Most apps have only 1 window per document – for example a word processor generally has only one window per document, Numbers has only one window per spreadsheet, Keynote has only one window per presentation, etc. Panorama can have the data sheet, multiple forms, etc. The Apple documentation for NSDocument is very clear that multiple windows per document is supported, but I think this is very rarely used. Though NSDocument supports multiple windows, I’m not sure the engineers that wrote the Time Machine interface really considered this use case. I generally have better luck with this interface if I close all of the windows except one.

I only use the Data Sheet in this particular db.

There is 1 form but I haven’t opened it in weeks.