«_liveSearch_found» Only counts up to 5000

I have a text list created with the constructor and included the tag, resulting in search window and the search count results reported at the bottom of the list. However, it only display up to 5000 selected records. I compared the results (i.e., «_liveSearch_found») to a formula using the aggregate function; they agree until the result exceeds 5000. The «_liveSearch_found» variable doesn’t go any higher.

It looks like that is deliberate. If you open the blueprint, you will find a line which reads



That fixed it. I had no idea such a property existed. In making the change, if more than 5000 records were selected in the text list, Panorama crashed every time I increased the max size. Once I selected fewer than 5000, the change to the blueprint worked.
Having made change, any idea of why that limit is there as a default? Why specify any limit?

Performance, I’m guessing. I tried to look for the code that implements that limit, hoping there might be a clue there, but I didn’t find it. Jim may be the only one who can answer that.


I was just sitting here looking at this page, and Dave’s latest response magically appeared. I am really really pleased with Discourse.

Dave is correct, the limit is for performance. Panorama 6 had a non-adjustable limit of 2,000. I’m not sure if this limit is necessary or if it is, what it should be (it was definitely necessary in Panorama 6, list performance degraded significantly beyond a couple thousand items). So this default may change. In the meantime, it is easily adjustable with the blueprint.

What does that mean “more than 5000 records were selected”? Is this the total number of records you are trying to display, or are you actually trying to highlight > 5000 of them.

To give a better explanation: The text list query was set to display all records in the database limited only by the search (i.e., «_liveSearch» variable). When that was empty, the list displayed all records, which was more than 5000. If I entered something in the search box, so that few than 5000 records were found and displayed in the text list, then I could successfully change the blueprint. If the search box was empty and more than 5000 records were displayed and I opened the form blueprint, changed the variable from 5000 to higher number, then when I saved the blueprint, PanX crashed. I don’t claim that was the factor that allowed the change to be made rather than crash, but that is just what happened.
In terms of performance, the list of >5,600 records displays very quickly. Less than a second I think.