Unusual Error During Find/Select


I’m trying to pull in a very generic csv file to do some analysis. I’m getting an error message, “Dialog program error — dialog will be aborted.” when trying to select state not equal to OR. It seems something is wrong with the app. I’ve tried reinstalling to no avail figuring I was getting into a bug.

When trying to close that error window, it gives me, “Resume statement failed (no Pause).”

Any ideas???


When you get an error like that in a dialog, you can always press the ESC key to close the dialog. In the unlikely event that doesn’t work, press FUNC-ESC.

I think your Panorama X preferences may have gotten corrupted somehow. There is no way to uncorrupt them, but they can be deleted using these steps.

• If it is open, Quit from Panorama X
• Open a new window in the Finder
• Choose “Go To Folder” from the “Go” menu
• Enter ~/Library/Preferences/ and press the “Go” button
• Find the file “com.provue.PanoramaX.plist” and move it to the trash
• Relauch Panorama X (this will automatically create new, default preferences)
• Log into your Panorama account

If you’ve set up any options in the Panorama X preferences window, you will need to set them up again.