SaveAs frustrations


Is there somewhere an embedded Save document preference that I can click off? I can’t make changes to a file, hold down the Option key, select SaveAs, name the new file differently and keep the original file unchanged. Revert to Last Saved Version doesn’t do it either and changing the setting in the General Preference of System Preferences to “Ask to keep changes …” only works if you do not wish to Save any changes. The only way I can do so is to work on a duplicate of the file.


I’m not sure if this will do what you are asking.

  1. Open your database
  2. Select Duplicate from the File menu
  3. Make desired changes to the new copy
  4. Save under new name/path
  5. Close the just saved file
  6. Your original unchanged file is now active


Thank you Gary, that worked well.

The SaveAs command is universally used by practically all applications in a uniform and consistent way, including in Panorama 6, why change it now? There are other menu options in Panorama 6 that takes coding knowledge to reproduce in Panorama X. Other than the composing relational Lookup, I was disappointed not to see them included in the last update. Hopefully soon.


This is a change that Apple made some time ago. It is not exclusive to Panorama.


I don’t understand. I opened a file, made a change, did a save as, clicked on the window of the original file, which had remained open, and it was unchanged. I then closed both files, and found, as I expected, that the original file was unchanged and the saved-as one was changed. Am I missing something? Gary and Bruce are much more Panorama-savvy than I am but…


If macOS executes an auto-save after the changes are made but before Save As is performed, it seems that would cause the situation Orlando experienced. Conversely, if Save As is done before an auto-save, then Bill’s observation would occur. Best approach seems to create the copy then make chances as per Gary’s scheme.