Recreating & assigning field on a form?


I have realized that some of the fields showing data do not show up on PanX. Most do, but some I have learned how to reassign but other don’t appear at all in graphic mode. So I made a new field and positioned it and tried to use Object Properties but could not find out how to set up a field to show data. When I make the field and then go to Special Object Properties the window is gray and I can’t see what to do next. Any hints?

— Richard


Are you sure you have the object selected?

As of a few minutes ago, there is new, detailed documentation for the Text Editor object, hopefully that will help you out:

Text Editor Object


I clicked on the link you provided. When PanX opened, got a message a new version available. So I went ahead and installed that new version. On opening it, get error messages and have to force quit. I am attaching the messages I get which likely tells you something.
— Richard


It seems to help to create the missing “Libraries” folder in ~/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/ .


It did occur to me, repeatable on each launch of Pano X.

Robert Ameeti
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If the user creates the folder, it will then prevent the dialog from happening. Pano X I’m sure will create the folder automatically in the future, but you can fix it on your own.

(Get to the Libraries folder by holding down the Option key while selecting the Go menu in the Finder.)

Robert Ameeti
(949) 422-6866


That Stopped the First error, “listfiles( function error, folder “/Users/SteveMiddleton/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Libraries/” does not exist.”

But not the “open wizard error”. Any other thoughts?


The folder “PanoramaX” already exists in that folder. It is empty, but is there. So will not need to be recreated. It must be something else.

— Richard


OK, figured it out. Here is the error message that just came up and you can see it requires an additional folder within in the PanoramaX folder. I put that in and now opens OK.


Create a ‘Libraries’ folder inside of the ‘PanoramaX’ folder that you found empty.

Robert Ameeti
(949) 422-6866


Excellent. Also, I have fixed the problem, with a new version I just uploaded.


I downloaded the fix, everything fine. Thanks for the quick response.

— Richard