Reactivation and Website Errors?



Currently trying to re-activate a license on Mac OS 10 El Capitan. Receive System Problem Code: -7. Text indicates system problem and not able to continue activation process indicating possible write protection issues.

Went onto the website to open support ticket and get webpage error "ERROR returned by AESend()…-600. Tried this on multiple browsers and multiple computers.

Please advise.




Here’s what you’re looking for on that error:


Hi James,

Thank you very much. That took care of that problem; however, when I did the activation I got the following message:
“Response from server is not in expected format!”. I did a quick search on the error message in the forum and came up empty. Any thoughts?




We had a problem with our server this morning – it should be resolved now, please try again.


Thanks! I have successfully re-activated.