Pdfsetup substitution


In Pan 6 this procedure saved individual pdfs to a folder. Problem is PanX doesn’t recognize the pdfsetup command and HELP yields no info. What do I substitute the “pdgsetup…” “printonerecord” (n boldface below) with?

Field ID
Local folder
pdfsetup folder+Show+str(ID)+".pdf"
Until info(“stopped”)



Look in the Help file for the PrintToPDF statement.


I did, the statement shows but clicking on it yields no information, that’s why I asked here.


I don’t know why it’s not showing up for you. It does for me. You can view the same information at


I have had a few occasions where the Help file will not display a selected item. Closing the window and reopening a new Help window seems to correct this.


It now shows once I restarted Pan