Paste in numbers will not add


When I make a formula and fill a field with that number…it will not add. Why?


Your question isn’t very clear. If you are pasting the numbers in, you aren’t filling the field with a formula. Can you give us a more detailed description of what you are doing, the results you are expecting, and the results you are getting?


I apologize…Was not clear. If I wanted to fill column of numbers from Col A to Col B…… I was clicking on Column B….then using the formula fill option under MATH - I would tell it Column A…. That is how the numbers got to Column B Do the numbers it filled into B…have the same properties as if I have individually typed them into Column B??

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That still is not clear. You have Column A, presumably filled with numbers. Do you want to put something in Column B, presumably something that relates to the number in Column A? If so, you need to do something like formulafill «Column A» + whatever, while Column B is chosen.


You are understanding perfectly….I want the numbers from Col A to also be in Col B nothing more. When I do the formula fill….will the numbers in Col B act like regular numbers - or will they’ve somewhat different since they were filled by formula as opposed to individually typed in?
Thanks for your help.

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As long as the fields are the same type, they should act the same. But you can fill a text field with elements of a numeric field, and vice versa, and they will not work the same. You can even get different results if they are different types of number fields.


Hmmm. I must be missing something. I have many times tried to make Col B (a text field) = Col A (which is a number field)
I always get a “Type Mismatch” rebuke. So I have to change A to text, then do my formula, then change A back to number.
Is there a shortcut?

Field B
FormulaFill str(A)

You might use the pattern( function instead of str( if it’s important for it to have a certain format.


If you’re moving text to a numeric field you can use val(. So a text entry of “1” in field B becomes a numeric value with A = val(B).

Similarly, you can move numeric values from A to B using str( or pattern(. A value of 1 in A becomes a text entry of “1” with str(A) or even 1.00 with pattern(A,"#.##")


Thanks. I should have asked this years ago!