Panorama X calendar from database entries

I see that it is possible to create Calender “monthly blocks” with the Constructor – but have not found how to fill the calendar with dated entries (e.g, birthdays) from a database. Is this possible?

Panorama X does not have any way to set up repeating calendar entries like a birthday.

Thanks for the information.

If you can fill the date matrix cell then you just need to setup a trigger to fill the cell. So you have a database of repeated dates - just month/day/event. And possibly an event (repeat) interval like from M/D/Y to M/D/Y and maybe some designation like weekly or monthly - Lots of variations.

I’m guessing your calendar will be displaying a whole month or a whole week. At the time you trigger the display of the calendar, I’m guessing you also know the M/D/Y interval it’s displaying. Given that, in the process before it’s displayed, you can look at your “Repeats” datafile for events that fall within the display interval. With them selected, you step down those records, loading the events into the appropriate matrix units.

In other words, you build the calendar “on the fly” and while “flying” you load the appropriate events pulled from your Repeats database. In the past, Panorama was so fast (“How fast was it?”) that it seemed all that activity would take place within an eye blink.

So let’s say your calendar is showing January and you click an arrow button to move it to February. As part of that button click routine, you query the “repeats” database for any events in Feb (within the duration interval of the repeat) and put them in the appropriate cells.

To the user, it just seems like a button click. But there’s a, as Jerry Lee Lewis says, “whole latte shaking goin on”

Thanks. I have been spoiled with 4D and a calendar plug-in, but it sounds like this could make it work within Panorama X.