Mac Database discussion on MacInTouch forum

Recently there has been a discussion about Mac databases on a discussion thread.

Today a couple of Panorama X users chimed in with some very nice comments!

  • MichaelB – “…Panorama is the way to go for the most part…”
  • Doug-C – “As far as I am concerned, Panorama is definitely the way to go. It is affordable and super-powerful.”

Looking back earlier, there were some additional nice comments on this thread earlier this year:

  • Dave B – “…I would like to say that I am a big fan of ProVUE Panorama. It is a great product - worthy of checking into.”
  • Ric Ford (publisher of MacInTouch) – “…Panorama X from ProVue is an innovative and cost-effective Mac-based professional database development app.”

If Michael, Doug or Dave (or Ric) is reading this forum, thanks!