Is the Panorama Database Exchange working?


Panorama Help contains a page on the Panorama Database Exchange which looks like a great idea. I’ve tried to follow the instructions but I come to a stop where the upload instructions say, “To add a new database to the exchange, start by choosing Add Database from the Share menu.”

Is the exchange working? If not, is there any likelihood of its doing so? It would be really useful.



The Share menu is available when you have the Panorama Database Exchange window open (opened from the Help menu.)

I don’'t believe Jim has this totally in operation yet. I had sent a couple of files to the Exchange several months ago and Jim told me at that time he was not yet ready to implement this as yet. For all I know he still has not had the time to address the Exchange to date.


Well here’s my Panorama Database Exchange window and I don’t seem to have a Share menu. Is there another way in perhaps?



You have the Panorama Help file open and not the Panorama Database Exchange file. Go to the Help menu and select Panorama Database Exchange. This will open the actual file you need as shown below. The files look similar if you have “Panorama Database Exchange” selected in the Help file.


Seen. Thanks Gary.