How to make a TEO active for data entry

In a form, I have two Text Editor Objects which display the contents of the fields TagNum and Weight. Clicking on a button triggers a procedure which loads a tag number into the first TEO and pauses the procedure, waiting for me to enter a weight in the second TEO - this entry triggers a resume statement which allows the procedure to store the weight and load another tag number.

After the tag number is displayed, I want the second TEO to be active for data entry so that I can type in a weight without having to click in the TEO first.

I had this working until I made a few modifications to fix another problem and now I can’t get back to it. What’s the secret?

I would think that you give different names to the two objects and make the one that you want to be active by name.

But I wonder why you would want to have two text editor objects if you are only changing one. That seems like it could lead to problems. If you are not expecting anyone to change the tag number, then it should be displayed in a text display object.

I’m not really sure I understand what you are going for, but you may find this help page useful.

Hmm, if you just want a procedure to open an object for editing, give that object a name, then use this code:

objectaction "object name","open"

This is the same as Panorama 6, except that instead of objectaction you would say superobject (which will still work). This is described on page 670 of the Panorama 6 “Formulas & Programming” PDF file. Unfortunately, this is not yet included in the Panorama X help.

Good point Bruce, thanks.

And Jim’s solution is the one I needed - I was looking for an object action something like “active” and skipped straight past the “open” option.