Font Size in Procedure Window


I am missing an option to customize the font or at least the font size in Procedure windows.

The used font is obviously Menlo 11 pt; that is comparable to the good old Monaco font in 10 point size – with a smaller line height. (See the screenshot from TextEdit.)

My aging eyes would be thankful, if I could customize the font size in procedure windows just like in the Data sheet.


You can open the font window from the toolbar in a form window. Next, highlight the text inside of the procedure and choose a kinder-to-our-eyes font size. Unfortunately you have to repeat this each time the database is opened.

A better option would be much appreciated.


Nice trick!


Wow, that’s a bug! But I won’t fix it until I provide some other way to change the font size.


In Pano X 10.0, I’d give a big up-vote to a standard, window or preference based way to increase font size in the Procedure window. The font is too small on a high-resolution monitor.


It’s also too small for old folks with less than perfect vision. And Menlo isn’t the most eye-friendly font out there.


Coming soon to a version of Panorama X near you: