File to Send Email from PanX is Available


Sometime ago, I claimed I’d try to put together a black box for email via Panorama X and Python. I’ve finally gotten it done. This would have been posted to the Database Exchange but there are two small files included, not one, so it isn’t accepted.

Download Mailbox, a utility database for use with Panorama X and Python 2.7 or later for sending email from Panorama X. OS X systems come with Python pre-installed, so typically there is no need to even concern yourself about it. Mailbox will just run.

Mailbox greatly simplifies the task of sending email directly from your Panorama databases and requires very little Panorama programming on your part. And while it can be used as-is, ideally you’ll use it as a starting point to build your own emailing system. See the built in help system for details.

Mailbox can send plain text email or HTML styled email. It can include embedded images or attached files. It can be used along with a Panorama database to perform data merges to send a single email message at a time or to loop through as many as you choose.

Although it’s delivered in a locked-down mode, access is freely provided on request.


The Database Exchange does allow for uploading multiple files in a folder. Check out the special instructions at the bottom of the Uploading to the Panorama Exchange page.


Right you are Gary. Thanks, I did overtook that. It still required several tries after the validation worked because the Upload button remained disabled. Eventually I got the routine where the window close, then re-opened immediately with Upload enabled.


James, this is the simplest technique I’ve been able to come up with. It looks ridiculous but it works:

  1. Open the upload form and click in one of the uploaded databases in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Share>Add Database …
  3. Fill in the data boxes. DO NOT press Validate.
  4. Open or click in a Panorama X database, go to a procedure, remove and replace a character and save.
  5. Return to the upload window, click on Validate, then click on Close.

I have found that, without fail, the window closes and re-opens with the Upload button available.

Also, my recollection is that, if you have multiple files, the zip file must NOT have the same name as the Panorama X file.


Thank you Jim, this file is now available from the Panorama Database Exchange.