Deleting procedures


I think this has been asked before and the answer is no but I need to check. Is there any way to delete one or more procedures programmatically in Panorama 6?


No, only Panorama X has that ability.


Actually, I’ve worked out a way to do it.

The saveallprocedures statement puts the text of all of the current database’s procedures into a variable. You can access this variable, remove from it the content of a procedure (using the tagstrip( function) and then use the


I wonder what the rest of your post was going to say. Logically I would assume that you were going to say that you used the loadallprocedures statement, but I just looked at the source for that and it doesn’t delete procedures, only add new ones. So I’m still stumped.


My bad - I meant to cancel the post but sent it instead. It can’t be done.