Default century when entering dates


If I enter “4/4/22” in a date field whose output pattern includes “yyyy”, it displays as 4 April 2022 but “4/4/23” displays as 4 April 1923. Any higher year value also displays as 19**.

This happens in both v10.0.0 and v10.0.1.


The oldest version I have is version 0.1.021 (1882), and it happens there as well.


This is intentional. If the century is missing, Panorama X fills it in automatically. Panorama 6 did so also, but a bit differently. Panorama 6 would assume that the year was within 50 years of the current date, plus or minus. Panorama X, however, will assume the date in the past unless it would be within the next five years. I believe that specific dates in the past, like birth dates, are much more common than specific dates in the future. I think it would be very, very unusual to specify a date more than 18 months into the future, but dates from 60, 70 or 80 years ago are much more common (especially birth dates). Of course if you want to specify a date more than five years in the future, simply be sure to fill in the entire century rather than just the last two digits of the year.


Well, that’s not what the Help wizard says:
“Panorama also rounds dates to the current century. If the current year is 2002 (or even 1992) and you enter the date 7/2/23 Panorama will assume you mean 7/2/2023. If you want to enter a date more than 50 years from the current date you must enter the full date, for example 7/2/1923.”

I’ve posted a correction.


Thanks. As I mentioned, this was a change from Panorama 6 to X, and I’m not surprised I missed a spot in the documentation. Fortunately there are a handful of you that keep me honest on the thousands of pages of docs!