customDialogDictionary error


fairly frequently i get an error ‘Contents of variable [customDialogDictionary] have not been defined.’

when this happens, so far, i’ve just been able to run the procedure that caused the error again, and it works without an error.

any idea what’s happening here?


customDialogDictionary is a global variable that is set up by the CustomDialog statement. It can be used to customize the size and button names in the GetText, GetScrap and GetScrapOk dialogs. I’ve reviewed the code involved and it appears to me that the variable is always being defined before it is accessed, so you should never see that error. Has anyone else seen this error? Does the error seem to happen when you are using the GetText, GetScrap or GetScrapOk statements? At the moment, I am at a loss as to the possible cause of this.

I have assigned a BitBucket issue to this:


gettext has been involved every time.


i should also tell you that after the initial post on this topic, i discovered my hard drive was in the process of failing. this caused numerous anomalies. this error could be one of them. i’ve only had a new drive since late yesterday, but i haven’t gotten the error since.


Ok, keep us posted, and good luck with the new drive!


i’m still getting the error, despite a new drive and all new ram.
gettext is always involved.
simply running the proc again with no modification clears the error.