Colorizing a record?


Is there a way to color and/or style the text in a record?
If yes, is there a way to make a procedure that does this? How?
Thanks, Tom


Panorama 6, and Panorama X can both do this in a form, using a text display object, and the textdisplay( function. The textdisplay( function is slightly different in Panorama X, than the one in Panorama 6.

Panorama 6 can do it in the data sheet with the StyleColor statement.


I forgot to mention that I would like to do this in the Panorama X Data Sheet. This can be done in Panorama 6. Panorama X also? How?



No. It can’t be done in Panorama X.


Thanks Dave. Quite disappointing since I used that a lot to highlight my most important records in a database. Wonder if there is any alternative.


You could have a number field you would use to rank a record’s importance, then select records with importance > than some threshold value.


Is there a way to change the font and/or the font size of the records in the DataSheet?


Nope, you only have the default font and size right now. I did notice that Jim filed a Bitbucket issue #64 two years ago titled “Cannot change font or font size of data sheet” so I expect this might change somewhere down the road.


Well then, time for a direct message to Jim.
Why have you eliminated 2 of the most basic DataSheet formatting options, font size and coloring a record, in Panorama X. I really find this extraordinary,
and even potentially harmful to a person’s eyesight. Being a natural vision teacher since 1983, perhaps I can educate you that the larger the typesize is, the more harmful it can be to one’s vision. The anatomical fact is: the human eye can only see one point clearly at any moment. 99% of the visual field (peripheral vision) is unclear. When a person tries to see a large area perfectly clear, that is a strain—simply because it is impossible to do. For this reason I always keep my font size as small as possible as long as it is comfortable. You can read the chapter entitled Centralization in my book “Relearning to See” if you want more information on this scientific fact.
Please bring back at least font size changes to the DataSheet as soon as possible!!!


I am only guessing, but I would think Jim did not do this on purpose, rather that it is a code thing that needs to be worked out. Sometimes what seems easy, isn’t. As I said, just guessing, as it would seem to me with all the flexibility that Pan has, not having font size or color doesn’t seem to be something to be left out. Although I have seen this problem in Blue Griffon, where there are no menu items to change font size on the menu bar…
Keep in mind the PanX is still a beta product not yet for use by the general public.


Font size and coloring individual data cells are two different topics.

Most likely the ability to change the overall font size in the data sheet will be added at some point. Until now not a single person has brought this up, so it has been a very low priority item. I’ll probably add this ability, but if you ask what Steve Jobs would say, I think he would leave it out. As far as I know you can’t change the font size in the Finder, for example. If/when this does get added, it will probably be limited two three choices: Regular, Small and Mini.

Changing the style of individual data cells, records, and columns is another matter. I never liked the way this worked in earlier versions of Panorama, the feature was little used, and it has been removed. I have no plans to put it back, and it would require a major change to the database file format. Of course every feature was used by someone, so there will always be complaints when anything is removed.

If there is ever an ability to style individual cells in the future, it would not work the way it did before. There might someday be an ability to style text based on some sort of formula, for example to automatically display all negative values in a column in red. I think this would be much better than the old feature. By the way, you can do this right now with Panorama X’s new Text List capabilities (you can change the font size also).


Font size in the Finder is an option that can be found in the View/Show View Options menu item.

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Generally I have no interest in giving a color or style to just an individual cell in the Data Sheet and I could see how that might br difficult, programming-wise.
I had given many records in the Data Sheet colors and styles, e.g., Blue Bold, to easily differentiate records. Now they are all lost. I don’t understand why coloring and/or stylizing individual records in the Data Sheet should be difficult. I am not a programmer.


Regarding font size, I would just like to be able to adjust all of the text in the Data Sheet, not individual cells. Again, this would seem not difficult, and, actually, an obviously natural option.


Steve Jobs was in fact very much the instigator of all things accessible on the iPhone. His push for accessibility was renown.

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It is possible to change the text size of the Finder desktop and Finder folders


I for one would love to be able to change the color of numbers. For years in Panorama 6 in looking at golfers scores for each hole you can tell the story of how a golfer does through different colors. So if a person makes an eagle 3 on a hole, that 3 is blue. If he makes a birdie 4, the 4 is red. If he makes a par 5, the 5 is black and if he makes a bogey 6, the 6 is black.
So by changing the value of the color of the number, people can read the scoreboard and see by the color how a golfer was doing.
I can’t do that now in Pan X and it’s a bummer.
Jim it would really me nice to be able to change colors in Panorama again.


Sal, are you just dealing with one tournament at a time, say somewhere between one and four rounds for 50 players? If so, you could probably do the job even better with a well-designed form. It’s hard to suggest much more without knowing more about your data.


i often find in useful to view data in a monospaced font, to compare length easily.
i really miss monaco in the datasheet.
lucinda, or whatever we’re currently stuck with, uses the identical gliph for uc i and lc L. see: lI. this isnt entirely trivial.


You have the tools to create a form that will act the way you want. I created a sample database with a text list using Monaco, and which will change the font color if the data has more than a certain number of characters. You could use other rich text attributes and change the appearance based on the data.You cannot directly edit in the text list, but you can create a form that will allow you to edit a row in response a click or double-click on the row. If you used a matrix object instead of a text list, you could have even more options for the layout and editing options. Attached is a screen shot of the data sheet and one of the form with a text list.