Bringing back the Enter key on MacBooks in10.12.4


I downloaded the latest version of Karabiner Elements and installed it. For those of you who used Karabiner before 10.12 to change the right option key on a MacBook (Pro, Air, or whatever) to an Enter key instead, this works once more. The trick is when you set it up, map the right option key to keypad_enter, and this will give you an enter key that works with Panorama X or Panorama 6 that does not require the fn key.


FYI, Karabiner Elements works on macOS 10.12.3 also.


I am sure. But there is no reason to stay at 10.12.3.


Karabiner was a God send for me. Must have enter key! Why did Macs eliminate it??


Software has a shelf life, That affects Panorama as well as Karabiner. Karabiner Elements works well and is updated all the time. It is to Karabiner what Panorama X is to Panorama 6.


Here is the Karabiner Elements web page. Like Bruce, I have had a very positive experience with this software.


Worth noting, holding the function key, fn, while pressing Return also emulates the Enter key.