BIG NEWS -- Panorama X 10.2 Classes & Preview starts in January!

The screenshot that was posted earlier in the thread shows 1pm for the Jan 19 session start. I too was confused.

Sorry for the confusion. The screenshot was just intended to show what the Live Course Calendar looks like.

The upcoming classes are going to extend across several weeks, and I hope to do more classes in the future (though there are no immediate plans). Over such an extended period there is a good chance of schedule variations being needed. The Live Course Calendar provides a way to deliver the schedule in a flexible way that can be adjusted as contingincies arise (of course any changes will be kept to an absolute minimum and announced as far in advance as possible). Traditionally that might be done with email, but past experience suggests that email isn’t really reliable enough for this application. I’m also hoping that distributing Zoom links this way will prevent any unanticipated participants in the sessions, aka “zoombombing”. I’ve been in a Zoom meeting that was bombed, it was quite annoying.

All that said, I am planning on different timing for the session next Tuesday than all the other sessions. The first session won’t actually include any presentation. I’m sure in a group of this size there may wind up being some people that have difficulty getting Zoom to work. So the Tuesday session will be informal conversation and working out of Zoom issues. Please don’t skip this – my aim is to avoid disrupting the “real” sessions with Zoom debugging, so hopefully on Thursday we’ll be able to start right in without any technical interruptions. I am considering this to be a great chance to informally chat with all of you. However, I am envisioning that for this session some of you may come late or leave early, so unlike the other sessions I am planning on not starting until 1 PM, as shown in the schedule. Then on Thursday the 12:15/2:00 PM schedule would go into effect.

I will send out more detailed guidance to course attendees after registration closes and the attendee list is finalized.

Quick question. I have noticed large holes in my working knowledge of PanX. The new course sounds great. However, do you think it might be wiser for me to take some of the existing paid video training courses (such as the one on arrays or the one on procedures or the one on formulas) before I register and take the new course for Pax 10.2? Thanks.

After a user registers for the courses and receives a course reservation code, what are the next steps that can be expected? When is the 10.2 forum invitation sent? When does a link for the 10.2 software get sent?

After the registration closes tonight, I’ll be working thru the list to charge everyone’s card, get everyone signed up for the private beta area of the forum (unfortunately, it appears that I have to do this by hand, Discourse documentation says it can be automated but it doesn’t work), and send you all notices. I’ll put up a post here when all of that is done, so if anyone didn’t get their notice we can get it sorted out. We’re over 60 registrations now so please be patient, this will take some time.

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FYI. You only have 12 hours left to register, so you can’t really wait to take existing courses first. I supposed if you started right this minute you could do 3 or 4 of them before tonight! :slight_smile:

Note that this new course will be spread out over a number of weeks. So you could start taking the older courses now and interleave watching those older sessions with the new live course sessions.

Thanks. Between receiving your reply late due to the time difference with the UK and my concern that I’d be in over my head with the new material, I have decided to work through a few of the existing modules and see where I am. Perhaps, once the new training is completed, I can purchase it as video at a later date. Thanks agian.