Working with two databases at once

I am in the process of learning the ins and outs of Panorama X. I now feel pretty comfortable setting up and managing data sheets and forms. And I am starting to add some programming to those databases. However, I am having some trouble turning my preconceptions of how things should work into something that actually works with Panorama X.

I have two different databases that have information that is linked: a data sheet with names and addresses, and a data sheet with records, sometimes multiple records, that are connected by a shared key with individual name and address records. There is a form that displays the address information in Text Editor Objects (which is editable), and in a multicolumn Text List Object. I have linked the second data sheet to this form using Text Display Objects using the lookup( function. This works well.

What I have been unable to do, either because I do not know how or because it is not possible in Panorama X, is to edit the second data sheet in the same form that I am using to edit the first data sheet. Right now, I am assuming that it is not a good idea to edit a field in a Text Object that is currently programmed to lookup( that same field. In any case, I have not figured out how to link a Text Editor Object that is in the form of the first data sheet with a field from the second data sheet.

My next choice, one that I have seen used before, is to have multiple forms open, one for each data sheet. Whenever some editing needs to be done, the edits will take place in the appropriate form. I would just need to arrange the forms so that they could be viewed at the same time.

Any information that will provide further enlightenment to me will be appreciated.


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Yes – a form can only be associated with one database, the one that it belongs to.

Note: It is possible with some tricky programming to get individual Text Editor objects on a form to work with a separate database. But that is a very advanced technique, you basically have to override all of Panorama’s normal operation. Actually, you are on kind of on the track for that by adding a lookup( formula to a Text Editor object, but there is quite a bit more to it. I would recommend holding off on something like that until you have a lot more Panorama programming experience under your belt. So the best bet is to have two forms if you need to edit data from two databases – one form belonging to each database.

Just for the record, you can have a Text Editor Object run a procedure on exit that would use the post statement or some setactivedatabase code to perform the transfer. Maybe not at the beginner’s level but not that advanced either.

Hi Jim,

I will take your advice and choose the most productive approach. As I acquire more experience with Panorama X, I hope to find things easier to set up. I am always looking for ways to get things to work faster and more smoothly.

Thank you.

Hi Gary,

I will follow up on your suggestion and investigate those methods. At least I will learn something new.

Thank you.